Delivering customer-focused service solutions to industries with omni-channel service delivery


Automotive businesses struggle with low margins and rising competition. There is more and more pressure to differentiate, and service is the perfect opportunity to do so. The Avayler solution was born from the automotive retail industry and is therefore specifically tailored for the market.

Our out-of-the-box automotive industry accelerator gives your business a competitive edge just as it has helped the UK’s leading retailer of automotive products to grow year on year. Avayler provides dedicated features to efficiently organize garages and workshops, optimize high-volume, skill-based scheduling, manage customer time slots, source parts and generate service quotes. If you are looking to enhance your service offering, begin delivering mobile services, expand your service catalog or do a mixture of all three, Avayler is the solution for you.


Multi-channel retail has changed substantially over the last decade under the pressure of consumer expectation and the market is continually pushing towards servitization. As businesses continue to compete with the mega-retailers slowly cornering multi-channel markets, the need for differentiated customer experiences, greater connections to customers, and consistency across all channels is now imperative.

Avayler gives retailers an omni-channel solution to field service, providing an end-to-end solution that addresses multiple service channels with a unified, connected platform. Our out-of-the-box solution incorporates the latest technologies to make in-store experiences one-of-a-kind while helping you efficiently and effectively deliver services out in the field.


Home healthcare agencies are facing overwhelming demand, new regulations, complexities overpayments, and concerns for patient safety. Ensure patients are getting the best service, every time with Avayler. Compliance-led workflows with comprehensive audit trails ensure patients get the best, most consistent quality of care every time.

Patients can benefit from self-service, delivered via a web-based portal where they can schedule appointments and track caregiver ETAs. Improve your appointment compliance with schedule & route optimization, ensuring healthcare providers and caregivers arrive on time while maximizing productivity throughout the day.


Faced with aging infrastructures, demand for renewable energy and a push to adopt new digital innovations, utility businesses have many challenges to overcome while trying to delight customers. Deliver quality service, at the right price for your customers, whilst ensuring a healthy profit margin with Avayler. Reduce paper-based work orders and optimize schedules by skillset.

Adapt to a changing workforce with comprehensive workflows, to ensure jobs are done to standard, as you upskill your technicians. Engage with customers in real-time, provide technician tracking and digital touchpoints along the way, as well as service reminders and more through a customer portal.