Avayler Mobile empowers your technicians to be customer-focused in everything they do


The Power of Four

Mobile field service is vast and demands a modularized field service solution. Pay for what you need and minimize complexity while delighting your customers.


Dynamic Scheduling

Take the guesswork out of scheduling multiple technicians and balancing complex business needs with an automated scheduling, workforce optimization and routing solution that provides the most effective allocation of your technicians based on your business objectives. Built-in routing optimization reduces technician travel and increases jobs per day.


Dynamic Pricing Engine

Automatically generate time slots for your customers based on business objectives, availability, parts and location. Motivate your customer to pick slots that keep your schedule optimized by adjusting the price. Ensure you are maximizing your margin on every service delivery.


Technician Portal

Empower your technicians to provide a seamless customer experience with our industry-built technician portal. Technicians see detailed information about their work orders, delivered based on the system’s schedule optimization. Location information and dynamic route optimization ensure technicians will be on time and delays are easily communicated to the customer. Integration to the customer portal gives customers visibility of where their technician is along their route. Upon arrival, technicians are given checklists, ensuring compliance and increasing first-time fix rate. During the service, technicians have access to diagnostics, collaboration, asset databases, a knowledge base, parts search, and more.


Customer Portal

Give customers the experience they have come to expect from Amazon and other CX powerhouses by bringing them along on their own service journey. After checkout, customers are given login details to the portal. There they can access information about the service they have requested including parts and price. Customers can change or cancel their appointment directly from the portal. On the day of service, customers are alerted when their technician is en route, also giving details about who will be arriving at their home or other selected location. Once the service is complete customers can access their receipt and details about their service. The customer portal integrates with standard CRMs, finance systems, and customer survey providers.


1. Increased Job Productivity

Even with other schedule optimization solutions, technicians can often end up spending as much time traveling en-route as at a job. Avayler Mobile optimizes jobs at three points, at the time of the customer selecting a time slot, at the depot, and on the day. Not only does allow for more jobs to be added to a technician’s manifest but it also allows jobs to be better clustered for less travel and more jobs a day.

2. Better Customer Satisfaction

Deliver a seamless customer experience for your customer at every touchpoint. Offer them the products and services they want at their fingertips. Use machine learning, automation and integration to upsell, without feeling pressured. Incorporate customer loyalty programs into your service delivery easily. Increase your NPS score and customer satisfaction by getting it right first time, communicating consistently, and making the service experience effortless for your customers.

3. New Revenue Models

Looking to offer services across the threshold or out in the field? Quickly introduce mobile service into your business, creating new revenue streams and further delighting customers. Avayler Mobile will manage your mobile operations seamlessly from day one, ensuring that you will deliver quality service, even as a new offering. Integration with all your back-end systems allows you to prove ROI to the business rapidly.


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